Weekly leadership seminars :

We are organizing seminars on every Saturday of the week through out the A.P state. We invite all the local pastors and Christian leaders and conduct one full day (i.e., 9am – 5pm) seminars by which we teach many crucial subjects like –Evangelism, Salvation, cults, Integrity, Bibliology and leadership. The number of the audience in each camp would be approximately 80 – 100. The budget of each seminar is Rs.40,000/- ($1000). The training brought a great change in the attitude and the preaching way in thousand lives.


Ministry among Tribal groups :

There are some districts in A.P state where we find these tribal people, mainly koya, konda reddy, Lambadi. It’s hard to reach out to those places where they live on the hills and deserts. We trained some tribal leaders and they are helping us reaching them. We preach gospel, feed, help, educate and heal.

Church planting

We do personal evangelism with the help of our  Bible college students and start a small group

in a rented house and then slowly buy a piece of land to build a church. Our goal is to construct

12 churches in a year, in 23 districts.


Bible College

We train young Christians with a solid foundation in the word, both in theory and practical way. It is a 3 years period training. Students come out with a great zeal and spirit to stand for the truth. It is not about the degree but a burning heart to save the lost. There are opportunities for the graduates to work with B.A as a pastor after their course.


Social service

Christ preached, healed and fed. We preach  good news besides helping the poor. Areas like health, orphan homes, mobile clinics, free education and feeding the poor etc.


Prayer Request

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